Microsoft Hyperlapse Beta For Xiaomi, Sony, Motorola And Pro For Windows Desktop Launched

Just before Instagram rolled out its own Hyperlapse app on iOS, Microsoft opens up Hyperlapse beta to more phones. For Android, Microsoft added its support list including the Droid Turbo, Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and Xiaomi Mi4. Hyperlapse video technology is designed primarily as a way to transform bumpy GoPro videos into smooth works of art, and can process any video and create a steady time-lapse. In addition to the oft-mentioned three, owners of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and OnePlus One can also sign up and download the beta version of the app. Download links can be found at the bottom of the post.


Microsoft Hyperlapse comes on top of the already supported list including some of the best Android phones currently popular till now. Debuting on Android, Windows Phone and as a desktop Windows app. Key difference compared to Instagram’s Hyperlapse is that you won’t need to specifically shoot a hyperlapse video for Microsoft’s app to work, even older videos shot years ago can also be processed.

By using a software algorithm to stabilize footage, Microsoft is evidently using image processing rather than gyroscopeic or accelerometer data from a phone like Instagram’s Hyperlapse app does. Although, Microsoft is processing existing videos by reconstructing a full 3D camera path, though mixed up with the ability to fll the gap, I mean missing regions in videos by sticking together pixels.

However, the Microsoft’s Hyperlapse solution also uses image recognition to stabilize videos on someone’s face, unlike Instagram’s equivalent. In addition, to get a smooth result if you’re recording someone directly. On Windows Phone or Android, you will be able to create basic time-lapse videos and when talking about the Microsoft’s Hyperlapse Pro app, it is for Windows a owerful addition.

The app is simple, and you can control the speed and resolution results easily. Processing speed will largely depend on how fast your PC is, but on the mobile side it usually takes a few seconds if you’re capturing within the app. Free trail version of Hyperlapse Pro is now available, and any footage will include a watermark for now. Microsoft also looking forward to release a paid version of Hyperlapse Pro targeted at high-end user base at a late date.

Microsoft is also offering a cloud-powered version of Hyperlapse to developers who are lloking forward to integrate this technology into websites and apps. Usding it Azure service, Microsoft can process videos in the cloud and stablize them on the fly.

iPhone owners can record video and then process it using the Hyperlapse Pro app on Windows. Android and Windows Phone versions already launched, but still go no iOS equivalent just yet.

Hyperlapse is a new app from Microsoft that indeed enables you to use your smartphone to shoot silky smooth time-lapse videos using fresh footage or existing video clips you may have already stored on your device. Sign up for the Microsoft Hyperlapse beta right away from here.

You can now download Microsoft Hyperlapse for Android (Google Play) and for Windows Phone version, hit the link here to visit Windows Store. For a desktop ‘Pro’ version for Windows, download it from here.

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