New Photo App For Android From Google Leaks In A Screenshot; Details

Exclusive early look at the next version of new Google Photos app surfaced, will include Photo and Video link sharing with privacy controls, and has many new interactions, including the ability to pinch you way into photography, or swipe out of them, etc. More details on the new Photo app for Android can be found right here.

Google was said to be working on a standalone photo sharing app and storage service that is expected to unveil at the upcoming I/O 2015 conference. Now that screenshots of such Photo app has been leaked into the Web, and apparently gives us a sneak peak. According to the leaked images, the app will allow users to search photos for specific people, animals, and objects and let them back up automatically. Later, users can view their photos by day or month process, and allin a comfortable view, which shows photos by day in grid format. Features of the new Google Photo app has almost described, and additionally, the app boasts with search, face-matching technology, automatic labeling and organization, sharing, and backup and syncing.

Overall this should be a good representation of what can be expected from the new Photo¬† app. Users will be greeted with the awesome pinwheel animation as part of a splash screens, which are not traditionally used on Android devics. Photos explains itself up front in a series of friendly, animated illustartions, where users can then drive with some backup settings before being ushered to a few more illustrations. Apart that, the app gets a revised interface with several “views” to choose from. Photo app users will be able to drag to select multiple photos too.

Interstingly, the Photo app alaso includes easier navigation options, such as by pressing and holding and then dragging your finger to select multiple images. The app indeed gets Material Design elements with a slide-out menu and translucent status bar. Assistant feature on Photo app automatically creates stories and animations, alloing users to create their own goodies including albums, movies, stories, or collages. Editing interface has also gotten a facelift, still got filters and usual adjustments, but the cropping interface now snaps to various aspect ratios, and nevertheless has a nice rotation wheel on the go.

Reminder about Google’s acquisition of the photo sharing service Odysee in February 2015, which allows users backup and share photos and videos offline. And to access directly to your stored photos outside the app, now redirects to and will provide access to a new photos interface.

However, we have to wait for the official announcement from the search giant which could be happened at Google I/O 2015 conference in few days.


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