Nokia 105: A New $20 Featurephone With Dual-SIM For Masses Is Here

In today’s high-tech world, almost acquired by top-end smartphones, feature phones are a dying bread. Nevertheless, Microsoft still hasn’t given up on such products and the fact is, has still got essential for a lot of developing markets and novice or non tech-savvy users. Of course, feature phone and that too from Nokia, are still quite popular and tend to move it in big volumes if they’re priced and marketed corectly. With more affordable pricing, Nokia 105 enters the dual-SIM feature phone market, and again giving us a chance to buy it at a more dudgety price tag.


Costs $20, Nokia 105 has been selling about 100 units per minute since 2013 and the price definitely makes the small device quite universally affordable, and perhaps Microsoft has also put some best improvements over the previous generation.

With a rounded design, the Nokia 105 is a lot more-comfortable and with a color choice of black, white and cyan, the future phone can be unobstructive, or colorful and vibrant. Whatever you think of. The Nokia 105 boats space for up to 2,000 contacts, which should be massive for almost anybody. Battery life is also quite impressive, packing a 800mAh unit it pumps up juice for up to 15 hours of talk time and 35 days of standby.

As oft-mentioned, the Nokia 105 is a dual-SIM variant with even greater flexibility and you can expect much more from a 1.45-inch LCD screen and a Series 30 platform, which is quite limiting as far as functionality goes.

Apart this new 105, Nokia has also unveiled yet another budget-friendly phone, called Nokia 215 – brings with it a lot more advanced functions and put social networking on the table for your sake.

What do you think about buying Nokia 105 or going towards the purchase of Nokia 215?


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