OxygenOS For OnePlus One Update Is Finally Up For Download

OnePlus One users can now rejoice as the Chinese smartphone maker has released the initial version of Oxygen OS, which is a firked version of Android 5 Lollipop optimized for its One phone. The official package of the Custom ROM can now be downloaded from the OnePlus website and flashed on the most popular One handset. More details on how to get it can be grabbed after this jump.

OnePlus after a split with partner Cyanogen, news came out that the community is working on the operating system broke in January. In a blog post, the company alternately describes its appraoch as “back to basics” and “light and essential,” with a focus on performance, battery life and the startup thinks a new feature would be genuinely useful. Right up, that’s largely limited to features you already had on your One device: you can draw Oppo-style gestures to trigger functions when the screen is off, switch between hardware and software navigation keys and even though customize your quick-access settings.

OxygenOS is built around the ideal of open-source and offers an almost pure-stock Android experience, highly optimized for the OnePlus One hardware and complete with custom gestures, customization features and plathora of tiny details, crafter with great attention, but isn’t for the faint of heart at this stage, since you’ll have to be comfortable with installing ROMs which may contain early bugs, but nevertheless worth a shot if you want to catch a glimpse of new OnePlus’ software feature.

The custom Android-based ROM from OnePlus is finally here, in what is now a functioning 5.0.2 Lollipop build, complete with an array of custom features, carefully selected by the OnePlus community. Today, the air has finally cleared an Oxygen OS is fully certified and will be easily updatable over the air in the future.

Download OxygenOS from here.

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