Google Confirms Project Ara Chipsets And Form Factors

Looks like Google is planning to debut its Project Ara concept to the world pretty soon, as it has already shown off how its driverless-car working by revealing it with a fully-controlled self-driving car yesterday and today it comes with yet another highly-anticipated work, which has really been gaining a momentum in the past few months. Talking about the revolutionary modular smartphone concept, the Project Ara.


Google after making an fair announcement of the remolded Spiral 2 circuit board design for its Project Ara module, the guys over at Google ATAP have shared a new portion of information detailing how their progress is going on as a sort of year capstone, before the holidays.

The ATAP team on their Google+ page mentioned that they are really working hard on the SoC designs in close collaboration with Marvell and NVIDIA. Two different reference design and form factor AP modules are well under development, which specifically based on the PXA1928 and Tegra K1 chips. Expected that to make their way as reference chipsets in the upcoming MDK v0,20 release.

Although the Spiral 2 board aforementioned has already seen the light, as the team boasts that three functioning prototypes are now made available. In order to complete with shells and connectors bringing them a step closer to the final product design, those are more than a proof of concept vision to just in time getting it for the Developer Conference in January.

Unsurprisingly the progress on the Spiral 2 design hasn’t stopped, but the team incredibly pushing forward to a new era of best prototype dubbed Spiral 3. Google+ post speaks that a newer version of the integrated circuits in the board should arrive, courtesy of Toshiba any day now. They will be the basis for the next generation Ara prototype and corresponding module development kit.

It now seems that ts going in the perfect direction for the project and with development module kits and it should be a matter of time before we see a fully functioning prototypes of the other major smartphone hardware (radios, cameras, screens, et al). Waiting to see the fully functioning Project Ara unit in all its glory.

Stay tuned to TechGiri so that we can keep an eye on project Ara in the upcoming months and perhaps it may be imminent for 2015 will be the year we finally get our hands on the benefits of the team’s work. Ready to get it!

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