Samsung Galaxy S7 To Cost You More Money, Rumored To Feature Iris Scanner

Early reports claims that the new Galaxy S7 expected to be announced during Q1 2016 and the Samsung Galaxy S flagship now spotted with Iris scanner, which would allow user unlock the phone by simply looking at it and not showing your thumb like fingerprint sensor. Details on this can be checked out after this fold.

Works similar to what the Fingerprint scanner does, the Iris scanner will verify your identity and even add the ability to use the mobile payments services on your phone. If this report is legit and to be trusted anyway, then Samsung plans on hiking the price for the Galaxy S7 series than what you have paid for the predecessor, Galaxy S6 at launch.

In our previous post we have shown you some images of cases for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Plus – surfaced hinting at the design. With the iris scanner on board, Samsung is arguably looking forward to integrate the unique patterns in their eyes, where the Iris sensor is most precise type of biometrics available.

Today report although mentions the unveil date of both the Glaxy S7 and S7 Plus on February 21s the day before WMC opens in Barcelona, during the Samsung Unpacked 2016 keynote. Here’s what the leaked road map showing is China Mobile’s upcoming handset launches reveals March release timeframe for the Galaxy S7.

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