SwiftKey 5.3 Beta Download For Android Brings Adaptive Keyboard Layout, Gets Support For 9 More Indian Languages

Updated with couple of new additions and improvements. SwiftKey Keyboard for Android app is one of the popular third-party keyboard for the phone, which has now gets an update to version 5.3. SwiftKey for Android now brings a new adaptive keyboard layout and adds nine more languages of India, such as Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati and Marathi to say some. More details on how to get it and where to download it can be grabbed right after this jump.


The SwiftKey beta version 5.3 is now available to download for Android. The new layouts tend to help users to write more quickly and seamlessly using these languages, which depends on the proceeding letters as the top row of vowels changes to become contextually unique.

In addition to SwiftKey’s core autocorrect and prediction features. This beta update brings our total number of Indian languages to 22, which includes the 13 already in the app as well as nine additional languages, such as Bodo, Dogri, Kashmiri, Konkani (in both Devanagari and Kannada scripts), Maithili, Manipuri, Sanskrit, Santali and Sindhi.

Although, SwiftKey Android beta got a new ‘SwiftKey Hub’ alongside minor UI enhancement last week.


Changes to the beta include:

  • Updates to the top row of vowels so they become contextually relevant
  • Intuitive layouts for Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati and Marathi keyboards
  • Numbers in both roman and local script are available on the number pad, which has also become more intuitive
  • The Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi keyboards are laid out in the same way as the alphabet

You can now download SwiftKey Keyboard For Android beta for free from here. For that users need  join the dedicated SwiftKey Beta for Android Google Group. By clicking on ‘Join’, you will need to follow the instructions in the group to become a tester and to get the new SwiftKey Beta app from the Google Play Store.

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