Swype Android Keyboard App Gets Updated With Two-Word Phrase Prediction and Simple Number Entry

You can now download the updated version of Swype Keyboard, which is already listed on the Android apps productive category on Play store. Swipe Keyboard version 1.9 adds new features such as easier number entry, two word phrase prediction etc. More details on what the Swype keyboard update brings to Android devices can be found after this fold.

For Android, Swipe Keyboard app gets a simple method to enter numbers where symbol suggestions could allow users to quickly type currency symbols as well. Users when tap on the keys that already has numbers as secondary characters will provide a number | Symbol suggestions, for instance – tapping “ejqp” suggests “3:10″, “swpp” suggests “$200“. Phrase prediction comes next to the scene, where Swipe can now predict two-word phrases (ex: entering “How” could predict “are you”).

Next up on the Swype Keyboard update brings Chinese cloud protection and Various crash and bug fixes. For starters, you’ll now have an easier time entering in numbers. Just after receiving the update, you’ll be able to simply tap on the keys that have numbers as secondary characters to get suggestions for those number – when typed in “tyqu“, Swype will suggest the number “5617“. This same works for symbol entry, though.

Yet to try Swype? You here have the chance to check out the 30-day free trail or hit the download links below to buy the premium version at $0.99. Now live in the Google Play Store, so be sure to grab it if Swipe is your keyboard app of choice on your Android device.

(Download Swype Keyboard For Android Free on Google Play)

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