Cortana Voice Assistant APK For Android Leaked, Download Now! Install It Right Away

Microsoft Cortna voice assistant APK download for Android has been leaked online and is available for everyone to install it and try on their devices. Links to grab the APK right below the post. Details on how to install can be checked right after this jump.

Got official word from Microsoft that it is bringing its famed Cortana voice-powered virtual assistant over to iOS and Android. Back in May, the software giant revealed that Cortana would make its big debut on Android in June, with an iOS release to follow some time later. It’s July now, no official release still from Microsoft, but thankfully, we do have a leaked APK for Cortana for Android devices which you can download and try it out right away.

Notably, this is an early build of Cortana for Android, APK clarifies that and it’s a little rough around the edges and some of the inclusions don’t work as they should in the real world. Guys over this website took Cortana for Android for a spin on their Redmi 1S running MIUI V6 (Android) and it’s safe to say that Micosoft has done a great job at porting its voice assistant over to Google’s mobile platform.


Denying the reports shiwch spread around the Web suggesting the Cortana does not play nicely with all Android device just yet, but we believe that is something no one should be surprised about. After all, Android is a fragmented platform, and getting something to work on thousands of different device can be a pain for developers. Cortana will not work for everyone at the monent that you have to make a note of, since Microsoft’s voice assistant is currently limited to the following regions: Australia, canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States.

Microsoft’s big answer to Siri and Google Now, is Cortana, which went one step ahead and combined the best of both worlds – Siri and Google Now – and packaged it in one handy offering on Windows Phone. Cortana has been ported by Microsoft on its next big desktop OS release, Windows 10. Bringing it to Android and iOS was a logical step for Microsoft to try and lure in people over its platform.


You can download the leaked Cortana APK for Android from here, and be sure to turn off ‘Unknown sources’ from Settings > Security before you install it. If you want to enroll in Microsoft’s limited Cortana for Android beta program, then head over to this link. Keep in mind that Microsoft’s beta program is constrained to a very few users, so you’d want to play out your luck here.

Note: The Screenshots above are from my Xiaomi Redmi 1S, installed Cortana Voice Assistant for Android APK.

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