Google Camera App Update Brings Double Tap To Zoom In, Dedicated Video Button And More

You can now download Google Camera app version 4.4 on your Android device, as it brings with it some nifty changes and new features to the Pixel Camera. When compared with the previous version 4.3, brought a much wanted Front Flash mode for selfies where the selfie images are considerably brightened and an auto-applied warm tone. But there’s no screen flash feature available, but present on other Android camera apps. With the new updated Google Camera app rolling out enhances the main camera now. Here are the details on what you really need to know about.

Download Google camera Update Version 4.4

Download Google Camera Update: New Features

Google Camera, which is basically the native camera system on Nexus phones and Google Pixel devices, is among the best in-class and supports multiple photography modes. The latest Google Camera app update brings two small, but significantly best changes to this application.

This first feature we found is the double tap to zoom out. The feature helps user instantly zoom within the image by 50%. All reducing the need of slide and zoom out. Zooms in as well, the quick fix can help users take a clear look and compare the image they prefer.

The second feature is separate buttons for photos and videos. Users of Google Camera app can now switch between the two modes by sliding.

The latest update to the Google Camera app brings the functions to switch modes by tapping the video button. The new buttons replace the slider in favor. The newer version of Goggle Camera app is rolling out and available to download in batches.

In our recent post it explained how Google Pixel camera’s HDR+ feature can be experienced on Android phones through the mod. The new app is compatible with device chipsets running Hexagon 680 and above. The file is available to download via third-party marketplaces and the Android APK is already listed.

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