Download Google Chrome 52 For Android Released: Brings With It Improved Video Playback, Faster Load Times And More


Google has made available to download version 52 of Chrome for Android devices, featuring improved video playback, loads faster, and of course, consumes less battery.

On Android, Chrome 52 version of web browser will make video playback feel more smoother than earlier and also reflects speed and power efficiency. Web video is although huge, with over a billion hours played in Chrome every week on sites such as Facebook, Amazon, The New York Times, Netflix and YouTube, and the https// really want to make users viewing experience great, has released Chrome 52 on Android.

Meaning that any Android device using Chrome 52 on their mobiles will see smoother playback and faster load times. Videos will now start playing sooner, instead of pausing briefly before loading, and on the power efficiency front, the device battery will last even longer.

Reason behind videos loading faster and smoother, it only works with Data Saver Mode, saving as much as 50% on data by showing a lightweight version of the video online. With the latest updated Chrome version 52 on Android will turn improve the battery life as well. Furthermore, these improvements will be most noticeable on short video clips, which nevertheless making up the majority of videos on the Internet Web.

With most publishers and sites are moving to HTML5, the video experience on Chrome will just be keeping getting better than ever. To get Chrome 52 on Android, update your device and give it a spin right now.

Download Chrome 52 For Android from this Google Play link here.

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