The Nexus Launcher Now Becomes Pixel Launcher, Available For Download [APK]

Nexus launcher renamed as Pixel Launcher

Rumored in the past that Google’s upcoming smartphones launching in 2016 won’t be carrying the brand name Nexus anymore, rather using Pixel sub-branding instead for its next Android 7.0 Nougat-powered Nexus phones. It was far being a speculation, but with today’s leaked Pixel Launcher changes every ones mind and confirmed literally, it’s going to happen. Here are the details to know everything about the rebrand Nexus Launcher app’s features provided at our best.

Obviously, it’s hard to believe that Nexus is no more and at the same time it is also not surprising that the brand’s characteristic launcher is finally getting a new name, Pixel. Like what Google planning to ditch Nexus name for the new smartphones releasing this year with the makers of Huawei and other OEMs. This popular and newly rebrand launcher is also now available for download, thanks to ROM developer LlabTooFeR. Tweeted out some screenshots of the leaked launcher app formally known as the Nexus Launcher.

The Pixel launcher is somewhat identical to the original Nexus Launcher app, save for an icon change and a version number change. With Pixel Launcher’s new integration between the Google Calendar icon in the app drawer works perfectly to show the correct date and brings with it new UI elements.

There doesn’t appear to be anything special or particularly different about Pixel Launcher. On the surface, the only thing that’s been changed is the name and version number. The calendar icon is dynamic, meaning that it accurately depicts which day of the month it is without accessing the app. Pixel Launcher’s app drawer includes Android Pay, Android Wear, AppHider, Calculator, Calendar and of course Camera icons. Today Calendar and iOS have had this for quite a long time, and finally heading towards and being supported by Google’s own apps. Ultimately, the launcher includes an icon with every date from 1-31 inside a white circle. More to dig, by downloading and installing the leaked Pixel Launcher APK file.

nexus-launcher-vs-pixel-launcherleft: Nexus Launcher. right: Pixel Launcher.

Try it out! Nevertheless, with some tiny tweaks, Google pull tab that you might love it or hate it and the date have both been moved down a tad. It seems to have grown a bit in length, all of the icons have shrunk down a bit. In the app drawer, the biggest change is that the navigation bar is now transparent, should have allowed the Pixel Launcher drawer to show more apps, but since Google has made spacing between rows bigger and the change is negligible.

Like how you will find on the home screens, the app icons are a bit smaller. Change is the slight rise of the line below the “Search Apps” text; however, the actual text remains in the same place though. Compatibility issues with the APK arise that LIabTooFeR shared.


left: Nexus Launcher. right: Pixel Launcher.

Are like these instances:

If you are going to install Pixel Launcher on Moto X Pure Edition, then it appears the “Search Apps” text way too close to the line below it. Although it’s not an officially released launcher app to get frustrated with these bugs. Isn’t it?

It is time to grab the .apk link from here and find the wallpaper picker right here. You can also download the Pixel Launcher from here.

Could Google’s next-generation Nexus smartphones “Pixel and Pixel XL” become a big competitor against Apple’s iPhone range?

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