Google Allo Download For Android Released, Smart Messaging App For iOS Coming

Google although said Allo would be available at some point during the summer, and the app for Android is now official, and started popping up in the Play Store. You will be able to download Allo smart messaging app for your Android devices, either as a direct link or an APK, just get it and install it right now.


The app Google announced along with video calling app Duo, Allo was introduced at this year’s I/O keynote in May, to take on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. About the app Allo, comes with Google Assistant integration and uses your phone number as a primary identification, or you can either way link your Google ID as well, optionally.

The Google’s messaging app comes with built-in search and has a variety of stickers. While the search in Allo app allows a user to type @google followed by the item and wishes to search, then Google will retrieve that query (search results) from the web based on that.

Google Allo also features a Smart Reply option that lets you respond to messages with just a tap and send a quick reply for general questions. It will suggest responses for photos as well. It’s great, while Google has topped the emoji and photos game with Allo, where you can easily write and doodle on photos before sending them.

Regarding the Google Assistant feature in Allo, it lets you have a conversation with the application that can help you with numerous tasks from finding a restaurant nearby. The Assistant will initially be made available in English, with more languages coming soon.


Finally, Google Allo lets you chat in Incognito mode where messages have end-to-end encryption support and additional privacy features such as ‘discreet notifications’ and ‘message expiration’.

Although the Google’s smart messaging app is now out, lively available for Android and iOS in coming days.

Download Google Allo APK for your Android from here.

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