Download Google Maps 9.14 APK For Android, Updates With New UI, Adds Chart To Times And More

Google Maps APK 9.14 Update: You can now download the latest version 9.14.0 of Google Maps for Android which brings with it bunch of new navigation UI to everyone, includes a big interactive map, more information, and convinient route selection. Latest version of Google Maps also comes with a new chart in the details page that describes just how busy a business gets at different times of the particular day, also called as “Chart for Business for Popular Times“. Details on what exactly the update got with it can be checked right after this jump. The download link below has been updated with latest version.


What’s New

The all new Google maps carries more unique elements of a new UI setting up Navigation. Now that unlike the old thumbnail, the new map can scroll and zoom, just like it does anywhere else in the application. The row dedicated to a single Options button has been relagated to an overflow menu, and of course the selector for different modes of travel has been moved down below the origin and destination fields. Best part here is that the new layout show up each and every travel mode and estimates how long it will take to reach a destination while taking the quickest route.

It’s possible to drag up the card from the bottom of the display to reveal things like accidents and tolls along the way (for drivers), and Details for a route in the maps is a bit more informative and accessible, and elevation, step-by-step directions are spelled out further down the card. If and if there is a significant slowdown as result of temporary conditions, a visible marker will show up right on the map.

Interactive map can als be used to pick your routes by a single touch, where each one is shown with an ETA and sometimes hints at possible slowdowns or issues. The overflow button is also added to give a home to a few useful features. Both the Options button, for swapping destination with origin have been moved inside of the overflow inclusion menu, and are joined by some toggles to switch on or off the common map views; traffic, satellite, and terrain.


Popular Times


This is one of the most essential feature that maps update brings with it and for instance, if you’re contemplating a trip to a restaurant you were never visited before, it helps to know how busy it gets before making plans. Once you open the details card on a business, Google Maps will give you a simple chart that eventually shows “how busy a location gets during each hour of the current day,”  taking into account previous data from their servers. If planning ahead, you can also swipe through each day of the week or pick one from the dropdown above. Tapping on the business details card will show up a chart about all the details, and could be very helpful for picking a new spot to try out on your lunch hour.

What do you say?

Please note that this APK is not quite ready for Android Marshmallow Developer Preview or ROM ports based on the Preview images. If you did not pay heed to this warning, and your Maps is crashing, you will need to revert to an older version to get things up and running again.

Download Google Maps APK version 9.14.0 from here.

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