Download Google Play Store 5.9.11 APK

Google Play APK 5.9.11 Update: You can now download the latest version 5.9.11 of Google Play Store begins preparation for Android 6.0 Marshmallow, brings with it support for Fingerprint readers, Uninstall Manager and more. The new Play Store v5.9 release includes more Material Design, Details Page, upgraded look for the What’s New, Wearable sensors/activity data, Enterprise apps support, among other things. The download link below has been updated with latest version.

If you’re using Android M Developer Preview 3, check out any app that targets API 23. A popup appears the first time one of these apps is downloaded, allowing users know their experience will be a bit different with the new permission model. Currently, for now the list of apps is limited mostly to Google’s own line-up, LastPass and some rare ones quicker to get updates, since the release of the SDK a few weeks ago.

The all new Google Play Store carries more elements of Material Design compared to initial releases of Android Lollipop. Ypu will notice that the app icon for the new Play Store carrier the new, flatter look, keeping itself in line with Material Design aesthetics. Apps like Google Play Newsstand, Gmail, Google+ are all now updated with additional elements. Adds a handful of new permissions that may be of interest.

The Android M’s optimal headline is the new optional permissions and built-in integration with fingerprint readers. There is an upcoming feature called “Uninstall Manager” that will make it easy to pick out the overweight apps that get in the way the next time you’re trying to install something, which will most likely appear when an app fails to download or install due to shortage of available space.

Now that a new settings is being prepared that can be enabled or disabled the use of “precise location” to generate recommendations. The description specifically references the use of GPS. Version 5.9.11 of Play Store should start rolling out to users over the course of the next few days, and you think it could take longer to reach your device, then. Regardless, if you do not want to wait for that update to hit your device, you can download the APK of this new version of Google Play Store from the link provided below, side-load it, and give it a fire up.

Please note that this APK is not quite ready for Android 6.0 M Developer Preview ROM ports based onthe Preview Images. Once installed, pay heed to this warning, and your Play Store is crashing, you will soon be revert it back to an older version to get things up and running again.


Download Google Play Store APK version 5.9.11 from here.

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