New Google App Beta For Android Brings ‘In Apps’ Home Screen Shortcut


The latest version of Google’s Android app adds new ‘In Apps’ search mode that lets you quickly find content from installed apps. With the Google Now branding, that “In Apps” feature was firstly introduced a few weeks ago and mentioned alongside the LG V20 unveiling has shown up. Now the same feature is available in the latest version 6.5 of Google Beta for Android.

A dedicated shortcut lets users directly jump into the mode from the homescreen. Google app beta’s new version makes the shortcut available to all users and renames several major features, including Now on Tap. You can simply add ‘In Apps’ shortcut to the home screen directly from Settings, navigating to In Apps and then pressing the add button next to ‘Add to homescreen?”. The shortcut brings users to a stream with a search bar on top and a list of current and upcoming apps with snippets of useful content.

While the ‘Now on Tap’ has also been renamed to ‘Screen search’, while Now Cards to ‘Feed’ in the settings menu. Nothing has changed with the overall functionality of the feature, but nevertheless, there’s still a new name that’s a little more straightforward for the average user.

The new ‘In Apps’ feature works when you’re not connected to WiFi or cellular data so that you can search contacts and other offline content seamlessly. It is also accessible on the far right of the search options bar in the Google app; past shopping, apps, videos and much more. The In App UI offers some useful information like frequent contacts and recent messages. The search feature allows users to quickly search for info within the apps on their Android phones. To access it, all you need is to do is going to the Google app on your phone, tap the In Apps tab, then start searching.

Version 6.5 of the Google app also renames a few major features. If you’d like to jump on the Google app beta testing bandwagon, please feel free to head over to the link provided below. Select become a tester, then download the latest version 6.5 of Google app beta from the Play Store.

Download Google App (Beta) for Android from here and | APK

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