WhatsApp Beta Adds Useless Launcher App Shortcuts, Utterly Worse

What is the use of WhatsApp launcher app shortcuts that has been added on Android Nougat, that too in beta. If there are a compatible Nova and Action Launcher apps, there is no need for a more additional shortcuts. As WhatsApp is one of the most power-intensive apps in the world, as it drains battery life and storage as well. Apart that, now WhatsApp beta is coming with shortcuts, kind of worse.

Notably, the functions that WhatsApp decided to elevate to shortcut status are one kind of useless. You can get a shortcut to launch the Camera, because WhatsApp is all about the new Status feature even though out of many 200+ contacts, We only see 12 new status shares every day. It’s there, you will get a shortcut to launch a new Chat, because apparently you’re more likely to talk to new people than to those you already have active conversation with.

App shortcuts on WhatsApp will allow users to open in-app camera, starred messages and new chat without opening the WhatsApp directly. For that! Users have to simply long press the WhatsApp icon on their installed device that will launch shortcuts for the three actions. There are chances to pin these shortcuts individually onto your Home screen. The app shortcuts feature is very much basic and how many people will actually use it is unknown at the moment.

The latest updated version of WhatsApp 2.17.277  APK for Android is now available to those beta users and will likely be rolling out to everyone on WhatsApp. Compatible mobile OS versions for the app Shortcuts is Android Nougat, but is also suitable for those running their devices on Marshmallow, but with the use of Nova and Action launcher apps.

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