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WhatsApp was expected to introduce animated GIF support earlier and it seems to be coming true and available via root-only app. Beta version of WhatsApp for Android now looks set to finally received the option to send videos as GIF images. You can now download WhatsApp for Android APK version 2.16.242 or later to achieve the similar action in the beta build.

You will be able to share gif images in the latest WhatsApp for Android beta, and has not been available for iOS WhatsApp users as yet.

WhatsApp users running beta versions 2.16.242 to 2.16.244 are eligible to get the new GIF image support and you can update it via Google Play Store.

To send a gif file, WhatsApp beta for Android users will have to navigate to the attachment icon on top of the Chat screen in the app. Select the attachment, then, users will need to go to record video option settings and capture a 6 seconds video or less. Once done, the trimming video page will be appearing with a camcorder icon on the top right corner of the page, by selecting it, the recorded video will be converted into a whole GIF image. What’s notable is that, the feature will also work with those existing video sharing from your gallery that are not beyond six seconds or less, or edited to be less by using WhatsApp’s built-in video trimmer.

It’s worth noting that the camcorder icon doesn’t appear for videos that haven’t been compressed to 6 seconds size or less, and it will also work with those videos users are attaching an exiting video from another app and sharing via WhatsApp.

Here’s how it works without any hacking needed

  • Open a conversation thread
  • Tap on the attachment icon
  • Tap the camera button to record a video or or select a video from gallery
  • Trim the video to 6 seconds or less
  • Tap the camcorder icon in the upper right corner. You will now see a GIF icon instead
  • Now you can send the video as GIF

GIFs are played inline and once you created a GIF image, you can forward it to others. When you try downloading it through desktop PC, it is saved as a MP4 file. It shows as a normal video clip with audio when any user doesn’t have the latest beta version or at least a stable channel.

The GIF files which user received or send are saved in WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Animated GIFs. On the front end do users receive a notification that a gif image has been received, that also shows in the Chat tab. Very soon WhatsApp will let every user send standard GIF files in chats in the future, hopefully.

Download WhatsApp for Android APK Version 2.16.242 from here.

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