WhatsApp Beta For Android Download Gets Public Group Links And Quick Media Forward Button


WhatsApp group chats look set to receive a much-anticipated update in the near future. WhatsApp for Android beta gets the ability to share link invitations to public groups, which appears in the branch of beta app and should be heading to the official WhatsApp for Android in the near future. Alongside, the update for WhatsApp public group chats also throws in a quick button for forwarding media to other contacts as well. Here are the details.

Those who were able to download WhatsApp v2.16.281 update has received the most expected ‘Group Invite Links’ feature, allowing users invite anyone to a group by sharing the link with them. Originally, this feature inside WhatsApp was discovered in the beta version back in June but doesn’t work at that time.

New features have been spotted in the latest version 2.16.281. WhatsApp group admins can now invite people to their channels through a new “invite to group via link” option that appears at the top of the contacts list. By creating a unique link to the chat, users can then share with one another. The link can also be revoked, just in case it makes its way into the wrong hands.

WhatsApp chat menu also gets an option to print the group QR code, so that others can just scan it to join the created group. Or, you will also receive an option to write the link to an NFG tag, if you have an NFC-enabled phone. These feature additions might be handy for those looking to create WhatsApp groups for sports teams, meetup, and what have you to say.

In addition, the update for WhatsApp for Android also brings with it a new forward button to share photos and videos in chats very quickly, instaed of forwarding them by long pressing the media. This same feature was already made available for iPhone users already. This little icon now sits next to every image, media file and link that you’re sent, so that you can quick forward them to another WhatsApp conversion if you wish to do so.

You are now able to try out the latest WhatsApp beta, either signing up to the Play Store beta and wait for the version to go live, or head on over to the provided link to manually install the update.

Download WhatsApp For Android APK version 2.16.281 from here.

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