WhatsApp Update Brings Bold & Italic Text Format, Share Google Drive Files To PDF And More

Upgraded WhatsApp version 2.12.15 for iPhone fixes storage hogging bug, and recently the Facebook-owned messaging service also gets support of sharing media documents from other apps on iOS and Android. WhatsApp today intrigued yet another feature into its Messenger app, which usually adds text formatting of bold and italic. Users will now be able to convert text as bold by simply adding asterisks at the start and end point of the word. It’s so simple!

In order to do so you will need to download WhatsApp v2.12.535 and install on your iPhone or Android device. In case of italics, you’ll need to add undersquare at the starting and end of the wording, which is an usual way most of the other standard apps support text formatting.

You can now format text inside WhatsApp messages as bold and italic. Just put the bold text *between asterisks* and the italics _between underscores_ and simply do formatting on your device. This is similar one used by Google+ afterall. If a sender receives a notifications, the name will be displayed in bold. In addition, it also seems to handle the same formatting that’s displayed in chats as well.


No more version 2.12.510 is supported with this increment update. The WhatsApp users must have to update their Messenger to aforementioned version.

Secondary, there are some improvements made to the documents sending feature, which WhatsApp recently added document sharing add-on. Currently, sharing media document will now see a ‘Browse other docs’ option, which allows user to browse your Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive accounts. Next up, it opens up Android’s built-in system file picker and lets you choose PDFs from your online storage, but also Docs and Sheets from Google Drive. Those files can be converted to PDFs before being sent, and notably, the functionality is still limited.

Unfortunately you can not send .doc .docx .xls or .xlsx files that you have on Google Drive, just Docs and Sheets (and presumably Slideshow) files. Third featurte discovered on WhatsApp v2.12.535 is only a singificant update specifically points on how Google Drive local backups are handled. Now the pop-up still blocks everything but it displays progress percentage.

Final one that a little bit different from today’s WhatsApp Messenger, and the change it brings with it is that the phone number no longer shows up front and center in the new Settings screen. Your WhatsApp Profile section shows the photo, name and status, and not the mobile number in the top navigation point, but nevertheless, it still there in the detailed Profile Settings screen.

You can now download version 2.12.535 of WhatsApp APK for Android right from here. Or else join the official Play Store beta program.

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