WhatsApp Video Call Update For Android: Download 2.16.318 To Enable The Feature

Those who are subscribed to the beta version of WhatsApp app for Android are lucky to get the latest video calling update and changes.

In the first instance, prior to the product going live, are now able to invoke and try out WhatsApp video calling directly through the app. Individuals, note this point that the WhatsApp Android beta client has moved up to version 2.16.318, bringing with it an improvement to how users can make and handle calls that are directly through the app itself.

WhatsApp beta for Android chat app finally started rolling out video call support, which actually got the first glimpse this year in May. How much the WhatsApp client has improved since its acquisition by Facebook is another point, but nevertheless, the app extremely impressive, cross-platform messaging service has now become a communication behemoth with support for encrypted messaging with multiple payloads.

With the recently introduced annotation feature for image and video editing, make more than enough with now video calling to add to the ability to make telephone calls over VoIP that has been baked in for some time. It’s the long awaited feature that millions of Android and iOS users are looking at, but before it now, has a big challenge.

There’s Google Duo. WhatsApp’s addition of video calling follows the same pattern as the aforementioned standard calls. App users will be able to invoke a call either from the dedicated Calls section of WhatsApp, or from within a conversation with that specific user. A new dialogue will also be presented to the invoking user when the Call button i tapped, shows up two options – voice call or a video call.

The choice is yours, either take down the route of standard voice call, or a new video call which is currently in beta stage. In order to make that video call however,, your contact will need to be on the current beta release or you will be told that your contact needs to be upgrade to the latest version of WhatsApp.

For that, you have to subscribe to the channel of WhatsApp beta. Wish to do so in order to receive new features ahead of time right now. Simply launch Google Play, go to the WhatsApp download page, scroll down and you will see a section titled, “Become a beta tester“. Here, simply tap the I’M IN button and wait for a few minutes as WhatsApp registers you as a beta tester. No worry, if you don’t see the update after a few minutes, exit Google Play, and close the window from multi-tasker. Re-launch Google Play, head to the WhatsApp app again and you will now see the Update button.

WhatsApp Video Call Placed
Once received and updated, you’re now free to make video calls using WhatsApp for Android. Don’t mind the other person whom you are calling should also needs to update WhatsApp to receive video calls. The UI of WhatsApp video call is simple and you will also see the end call button at the center while reverse camera app, message and speaker mute options are present thereby.

After a successful video call completion, you will be asked for a feedback on video call quality similar to the way it asks after audio calls. The ability of which WhatsApp is offering is best to compete with Google’s newly released Duo video calling app? Test it!

The stable version of WhatsApp video calling feature will be released to the public in coming weeks, presumably for both Android and iPhone.

Download WhatsApp for Android APK version 2.16.318 from here.

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