Apple AirPods Available To Order Now Online

Made of Pure Magic, Apple AirPods has been made available on sale. Finally! Owners of Apple’s iPhone 7 and of course, other compatible iOS devices can now order AirPods, the highly anticipated wireless earphones went live for purchase via its online store.

Meet Apple AirPods
Officially announced back in September this year at the iPhone 7 event, Apple has initially being expected to sell the truly-wireless AirPods in October, but unfortunately delayed their arrival for as yet unknown reasons and without any sort of explanation.

Accessible through their specific Apple Store entry via Apple website, AirPods can be ordered for delivery, but not for in-store pickup however that doesn’t necessarily mean that AirPods will not be available in-store. Ordering online are arriving around December 22nd (as per the press release), which otherwise means any order for Christmas are already starting to cut things a little fine for our liking.

What are AirPods? According to Apple itself, the AirPods is one sort of products that will offer “seamless and automatic connection” with the iPhone 7 and other iCloud-enabled Apple devices, thanks to the new Apple W1 chip hidden inside the earbuds. Although they can be used with just about any non-Apple Bluetooth-capable devices as well.

Connectivity is taken care of the case in which the AirPods ship. Charging is inevitable, making everything look and feel like a cohesive design though, we do still worry slightly that their wireless status will make it exceedingly easy to lose at least one earbud. In fact, keeping these tiny things in that case will be vital to ensure they don’t go missing.

By the way. Those booking a pair of AirPods also get Siri functionality, having will receive the earphones along with a Lightning cable which is particularly used to power up the carrying case.

Price. New technology never comes cheaper, that too from Apple. At $159, may be too much for some people, but they aren’t too expensive either given their truly-wireless nature and the competition they are in the go head against third-parties.

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