Apple Working With LG To Bring Foldable iPhones, Compete With Samsung [Reports]

Are you still waiting for the first OLED iPhone to ship? It’s the iPhone X, then here’s another report surfaced claiming that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone with squeezable display. According to The Bell, Apple contacts LG and not Samsung to create its future iPhone with a foldable OLED panel.

As we all know that Samsung is very much working already on a foldable Galaxy smartphone, and with this report suggesting that Apple’s rivalry with Samsung and concern over leaking may be a deciding factor in choosing suppliers.

With all that said, LG Innotek has also been tasked with creating the rigid flexible printed circuit board that would eventually drive the flexible iPhone in the near future. Reportedly, Apple is considering investing in an LG plant that would otherwise produce the flexible OLED displays, which seems likely.

Reminding you that currently Apple relies on Samsung as its sole supplier of OLED displays used in the upcoming iPhone X, which recently received FCC US certification and readying itself for pre-order on October 27 and shipment on November 3rd.

Although the Cupertino-based company is working effortlessly on adding LG to the mix in an effort to increase production and lower cost. As for flexible OLED panels, the latest notes that Samsung may introduce its first smartphone to use the technology as soon as next year while Apple doesn’t seem to bring the same technology into production through LG until 2020 which may mean a 2021 launch.

Same reports about Apple building foldable OLED panel partnering LG surfaced a year ago. Note that the foldable display tech is far different from the current OLED technology which supports pressure sensitive input but not actual folding.

In this case, Apple has also been said to be considering Japan Display for the futuristic iPhone technology, though. We’re still very early in the development process for such a product. The latest report is currently just another example of the rocky reliance and relationship Apple has with Samsung. Now begins with LG of South Korea.

(Via: 9to5Mac)

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