Apple Increases Free iCloud Storage To 200GB For Students

Being a student, you will be getting a free iCloud storage space from 5GB to 200GB from Apple. Announced this expansion of iCloud storage at Apple’s much-anticipated education-focused event in Chicago, alongside the introduction of a new 9.7-inch iPad.

As part of its newly announced applications and services aimed at teachers and students the company also announced that it will be increasing the amount of free iCloud storage made available to both groups of people – they will now receive 200GB of online storage absolutely free.

Originally, both teachers and students received just 5GB of free storage, just as every iCloud customer does. But following the official announcement Apple is said to be increasing that allowance to 200GB with no additional charge levied.

That great to hear that from Apple! Following the event, any registered student or teacher who has an Apple ID will receive the free 200GB of storage. The move dovetails well with ClassKit and the Classroom and Schoolwork apps which eventually allow teachers and students to store documents in the cloud. It also allows them to hand out work, complete, create that work and then have all of it handled it without a piece of paper being printed upon.

To do that, this all obviously requires storage. And Apple clearly wants to ensure that nobody finds that they have hit the 5GB barrier when trying to hand in an assignment.

If not, there’s one caveat, however. Not all students will receive the additional storage. Rather, only students who had Apple IDs assigned by their school will be eligible for the upgrade to 200GB. Otherwise, the request can be handled by some other persons, and hackers easily. Everyone else will, unfortunately, have to continue with the same 5GB limitations which they have likely struggled with for years.

Apple has been locked for its stance on iCloud storage for some time now, with many believing that given the increasing size of devices sold by the company and in many cases, the increasing cost, 5GB is simply not enough. What do you think about this?

We would be inclined to agree. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic, soon.

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