Apple Investigating Claims AirPods Reportedly Blew Up In Man’s Ear

Apple’s in-ear AirPods may be at risk of exploding if one Florida man’s experiences are anything to go by. In this case, Apple say’s it is investigating claims that its AirPods ‘blew up’ in a Florida man’s ear while he was working out at the gym.

According to the gym-goer, he was working out when the wireless headphones began smoking. However, it’s almost universally agreed that no product show spontaneously explode whilst in use. But it happened to Florida resident Jason Colon whilst using his AirPods at an LA Fitness center in St, Petersburg.

The NBC-affiliated channel is reporting that the owner of the AirPods was enjoying listening to a musical dance mix through his AirPods, and suddenly noticed white smoke billowing out from the device’s right unit. Removed the AirPods from his ears, placed them down on a flat piece of gym equipment, and sought for some help or advise. When he came back, he found that the right earbud had exploded, with the case showing signs of charming and the internal components laid bare.

Mr. Colon says he believes the gadget’s battery was responsible for the damage. If AirPods did indeed explode after the initial smoke issue that it would appear that the owner did the right, and safe, thing by removing them from his ear and getting himself to safety. It seems that the imagery of the device, as well as the description of what happened, are consistent with something similar to thermal runaway.

An Apple spokeswoman told the news station that the firm is investigating the claims. “This is not the first time that a popular electronic product has hit the headlines for exploding.”

In 2016, Samsung, a South Korean manufacturer’s flagship Galaxy Note 7 was hit by a spate of exploding batteries. Samsung blamed two separate issues for numerous fires in the tablet-smartphone hybrid.

The first was the battery components in the Galaxy Note 7 did not fire in the battery’s casing. This caused the battery cell’s upper right corner to be crimped by the casing. The second affected the devices sent to replace the original faulty phones. All were caused by manufacturing issues, including peer welding at the battery manufacturer.

With the AirPods, Apple has created a bold new kind of wireless buds, removing the annoyances of struggling to pair and remembering to turn them off to avoid battery drain. This type of failure certainly isn’t uncommon and has been faced by other manufacturers who produce electronic equipment. What caused this particular failure of the AirPods is still unknown at the moment.

As Apple is currently investigating the situation and has suggested that it will contact the AirPods owner in due course in order to do an autopsy and to try resolve, get to the root of the issue.

(Reported: WLFA)

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