Apple iOS 11 Firmware May Not Support 32-Bit Apps, Hints iOS 10.3 Beta

Although iOS has supported 64-bit apps since the launch of the iPhone 5s in 2013. when you open a legacy 32-bit app on a newer iPhone running iOS 9, you receive a notice saying that the app “may slow down” your device and that the developer needs to update it to “improve its compatibility”. Later on iOS 10 came out, dropped support for iPhone 4s, and recently released first beta of iOS 10.3, that wording in the notice has been changed completely. It now reads as seen in the image below. Here’s what it says!

A new alert dialog discovered in the latest iOS 10.3 beta appears to suggest that Apple is finally looking to stop supporting 32-bit apps with iOS 11. New popup has been designed to inform the user that the app they are trying to invoke will soon no longer be supported with future versions of iOS. Making us believe that iOS 11 could only support apps that have been updated for 64-bit devices.

It was the first time ever Apple introduced support for 64-bit apps via the App Store with the iPhone 5s. The changing of the internal architecture of that device also meant that Apple allowed developers to package and compile apps with 64-bit slice in the binary to be submitted to the App Store for approval, and for unlimited release and sale to consumers. Since then, a lot of developers have taken advantage of that and updated their apps, while others haven’t and have left apps to stagnate.

In February 2015, Apple has required iPhone and iPad app developers to pack 64-bit support with all new apps submitted to the App Store. In order to try and force that hand of developers, Apple made them to do so. That same 64-bit support has also been required for existing apps with app updates submitted by developers since June of the same year, which directly means that by the time iOS 11 is released to the public, those developers would have been given more than two years to update their apps to fulfill the new guidelines.

“[App Name]” Needs to Be Updated

This app will not work with future versions of iOS. The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility.


This would be a very strong hint that iOS 11 could be the first iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system that won’t support running 32-bit apps at all. So the “future versions of iOS” could incredibly vague. If true, this will undoubtedly be announced at Apple’s annual developer conference in the summer, when iOS 11 should be officially introduced with a bang….!

This discovered dialog seems to suggest that anyone running iOS 11 won’t be able to run apps that haven’t been updated to 64-bit support. It’s currently unclear whether the fact that Apple will be doing, or has begun to, proactively email or inform developers that their apps are in danger of not functioning on iOS 11 and beyond unless they are updated. But Apple seems intent on finally killing legacy 32-bit apps for iOS this year.

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