In iOS 12: Apple To Focus Purely On Reliability And Performance, Not Features

Apple reportedly in the next version of iOS could be very much focusing on functionality over new features. Apple is already hard at work on the new iOS platform of its software, but according to a report from Axios, the next major iOS update will focus on improving reliability and performance. Areas that Apple could certainly stand to work on, instead of flashy new features.

In news that appears Apple will focus on stability and performance improvements as part of the iOS 12 update that will arrive somewhere this year. It would see Apple push new features out to next year in order to ensure iOS 12 can iron out some of the problems plaguing the software currently.

In fact, a redesigned Home screen, updates to bundled apps like Mail, and an improved picture-taking process have all been shifted to next year’s update, including the changes to core iOS apps as well. The capturing of images as well as sharing and editing them is believed to also be an aspect of iOS that will now not see redesign work until 2019.

iOS 12 Home Screen Redesign And Other Features Pushed Back

The shift in priority apparently comes from Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, who reportedly announced the decision to focus on performance and stability to employees during a meeting earlier this month. With Fried reporting that a number of new features have also been delayed until next year to allow teams to refocus.

Apparently, the focus which is new to this stage sees Apple’s engineers work on improving areas such as the Health app. The current hot topic, ARKit, will also receive some development time this year. Responsiveness of iOS as a whole is said to be one particular area that will be worked on, as is an attempt to make iPhones “less prone to cause customer support issues,” according to Fried.

And Bloomberg reports that plans to integrate Mac and iOS apps together into unified, cross-platform apps are still on track for 2018’s update, too.

As we all know that Apple has received quite a lot of criticism over the past few weeks and months thanks to the security and stability issues its software has endured. With iOS not alone in this situation. The Mac’s macOS has also experienced more than enough problems, though, it is unknown whether a similar move will see the operating system also focus on stability during this year.

If past patterns hold, the next version of iOS will likely be called iOS 12. With a first preview likely come at WWDC 2018 sometime in June. Get additional details regarding Apple’s iOS 12 plans, soon.

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