AppleCare+ Eligibility For Your iPhone Now Extended Up To One Year After Original Purchase

Apple has extended AppleCare+ eligibility from 60 days to one year for iPhone now. A yet-to-be-published change to AppleCare+ for iPhone rules although allows those purchasing an iPhone to grab themselves a subscription to AppleCare+ up to twelve months after the device purchase.



Previously, customers had up to 60 days following an iPhone purchase to get an extended AppleCare+ coverage for their device. Apple now lets you buy extended warranty coverage for your bought iPhone up to twelve months after your device purchase. Apple has to make the amends to the official wording on the AppleCare+ webpage, though this represents a significant increase on the 60 days previously provided to customers.

If you go to Apple’s eligibility tool and input your serial number from the iPhone’s settings panel, you should originally be able to see a new purchase option, so long as you purchased the device within the last year. According to people familiar with the matter, those who purchased an iPhone will now be able to grab themselves an AppleCare+ subscription as long as the device is still within its initial one-year warranty period. This now means iPhone insurance through Apple has the same purchase window as macs and the Apple TV, but the Apple Watch and iPad are still restricted to sixty days after purchase.


The accompanying website and fine print may not have been updated yet to reflect the change, but again, it has allegedly been confirmed with a senior AppleCare advisor, meaning that AppleCare+ for iPhone is more in line now with what Apple offers for other Apple products. Consumers handing over money to Apple for either a Mac or ATV have always been able to purchase AppleCare+ up to twelve months after the actual hardware purchase. For one reason or another, potential due to the high volume of iPhone sales in comparison to other products, alongside the likehood of more replacements and issues, after purchase of AppleCare+ has always been limited to 60 days for iPhone.

Although this change applies to iPhones which have already been purchased prior to the change, so anyone who has purchased in the previous year will be eligible for AppleCare+ purchase. Considering Apple lowered the price of screen repairs through AppleCare+ from $99 to $29 last September, now is probably a good time to shell out for a little extra insurance in the event if anything goes wrong. Just be aware; you can’t go and crack your screen and then purchase AppleCare+ thanks to this new purchase window.

Interestingly, the AppleCare+ change looks to potentially only apply to consumers in the United States at the moment, meaning those in other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, or Hong Kong, may not actually be able to take advantage of this wonderful extension. Apple requires a physical inspection to buy the service in-store and a remote diagnostic test if you do so online.

AppleCare+ for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus costs $129

In fact, it would be prudent for Apple to come out and confirm the change in an official capacity, as well as restrictions, before confusion sets in and consumers in varying countries start assuming they will be eligible for something that new aren’t.

(Via: MacRumors)

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