iPhone Upgrade Program Members Get A ‘Head Start’ on iPhone X Pre-Orders

Starting on Monday, October 23, Apple is allowing iPhone Upgrade Program customers get a “head start” on iPhone X preorder process by getting pre-approved for an iPhone Upgrade Program loan.

Apple started notifying customers about the option through its website and via a notice in the Apple Store app, too.

All this means that the process of actually pre-ordering on October 27th will be more streamlined for those particular customers. Keen to ensure those on its iPhone Upgrade Program do not find themselves in the middle of the repeated issues previously experienced during the big releases.

Customers will need to download the Apple Store app and choose their desired iPhone X model to get pre-approval for a loan ahead of the official iPhone X pre-orders date. Apple says this process, which was also offered for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, will let customers “speed through checkout on 10/27.”

Announced by Apple, it will allow participants of the program to get a “head start” on the iPhone X pre-order process by being pre-approved for an iPhone Upgrade Program loan. They will be able to follow through the pre-approval process prior to the expected ordering this coming Friday.

Once approved for a loan on a device, customers can use the Apple Store app when iPhone X pre-orders kick off to complete the purchase, making the ordering process faster for iPhone Upgrade customers as no approval will need to be completed at the time orders are placed.

The idea behind this is to only allow those on the iPhone Upgrade Program and to be able to pre-order the iPhone X on Friday with any hassle to go through the extra steps that those ordering via other means don’t need to.

Apple’s upgrade program allows customers to spread the cost of a new iPhone over a 12-month period, though it doesn’t require to hand in their old iPhone at the same time.As is Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program is designed to allow customers to upgrade to a new iPhone after at least 12 payments (EMIs) have already been made towards an existing iPhone.

The Upgrade Program includes AppleCare+, requires customers to trade-in their current phones to get a new phone. Customers can also choose to make payments for 24 months and keep their devices, altogether.

iPhone Upgrade Program members are able to use a Trade-in Kit this year to return their currently using devices to Apple, alleviating the need to visit an Apple Store to purchase a new one. Since last year, Apple has made marked improvements to the iPhone Upgrade Program. In 2016, new customers were forced to reverse an iPhone from a local Apple retail store due to in-store trade-in requirements, which by far left upgrade customers with limited stock to choose from.

Now that, with a smooth and quick pre-order process for iPhone Upgrade customers will be important when it comes to the iPhone X. It’s likely available stock will sell out quickly, so it could be very difficult to get an iPhone X hands-on for the remainder of the year. Further streamlining the whole process.

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