Apple is set to unveil its new iPhone lineup on September 12th

Rumors come true. According to the report, Apple will unveil its 2017 iPhone lineup at a special event scheduled for Tuesday, September 12. Apple has yet to issue official invites for the given date though, the September 12th does align with previous speculations that emerged recently over the past few days.

Assuming that the September 12 date is in fact accurate, Apple in just about two weeks will introduce a brand new iPhone 7s and an iPhone 7s Plus, The whole attraction will be at Apple’s upcoming event – highly anticipated iPhone 8, a device which may very well usher in the largest iPhone refresh Apple has ever seen.

No secret left behind regarding what the iPhone 8 will bring to the table. But the sources claims, the iPhone 8 will feature a edgeless OLED display and will incorporate advanced facial recognition technology. Interestingly, the inclusion of facial recognition tech might see Apple remove Touch ID fingerprint scanner altogether. Actually, Apple wanted to embed the Touch ID sensor underneath the OLED display itself, only to abandon this approach after encountering a yield issues during initial production runs.

As we can expect from iPhone 8 features, Apple’s next-gen device will likely incorporate a new wireless charging capability. Android smartphones with the likes of Samsung, LG and others already have had wireless charging for quite some time. Now, it’s nice to see Apple finally deciding to join the party. A recent iPhone 8 rumor claims that wireless charging on Apple’s next device will not be up to par with what some Android phones owners already enjoy. Here’s what the statement says, it will only support QI’s slower wireless charging standard.

Other titbits on iPhone 8 worth mentioning, it’s believed that the entry-level iPhone 8 will sport 64GB of storage, with more premium models offering users 256GB and 512GB of storage space. Price wise, The New York Times recently published a report indicating that the base iPhone 8 model will start at $999, easily making it the most expensive iPhone variant ever released.

Lastly, there were also rumors pertaining that pre-orders for the iPhone 8 will open up on Friday, September 15. Ahead of a worldwide launch on Friday, Sept. 22, two dates which fit in nicely with the aforementioned September 12th unveiling.

New iPhones aside, Apple will also unveil a revamped version of the Apple Watch alongside a brand new 4K capable Apple TV.

(Dow Jones is reporting)

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