Apple Keen To Launch 2017-Announced AirPower By September 2018, Ships With A Special Variant Of iOS [Report]

It was last year when Apple introduced the iPhone X alongside also showcased AirPower, a Qi-compatible wireless charger that was capable of simultaneously charging the iPhone 8/X, Apple Watch, and the AirPods. Most customers of Apple’s AirPower multi-device charging would have expected that product to have landed on digital and physical shelves by now but according to a new report, this accessory should be available for sale in September 2018.

Apple stated that the AirPower hardware would make its way into the public domain “sometime” during 2018. As of now, with half of 2018 gone, there is still no word from Apple about its shipment. A Bloomberg report suggests that due to technical hurdles which including overheating and complex circuitry, Apple is unable to launch the AirPower charger so far. The delayed launch has also slowed down Apple’s vision of a truly wireless future where the iPhone would even lack a charging port.

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As this is one of those initiatives Apple aims to launch is something which is capable of charging multiple devices wirelessly at once. With the report from a well-occupied site stating that Apple seems to be experiencing unexpected issues with the hardware which has delayed the launch.

It was before suggested that Apple had initially expected the AirPower to hit shelves during June 2018. However, it seems that AirPower is slightly more complex than some people had initially thought.

Because it runs a stripped down version of the iOS operating system which allows it to communicate with iPhone, iPad, and Watch hardware and work as much more than a relatively simple wireless charger – confirms to the Qi protocol. It’s also been reported that Apple needed to overcome problems with the AirPower mat overheating.

For the unknown! Apple highlights that one can place their device anywhere on the Airpower to begin charging it wirelessly. In order to achieve this, Apple has to pack the Airpower with multiple charging sensors and use a custom charging technology. The former has proved to be harder and difficult, while Apple hopes to integrate its custom charging tech with Qi charging standard later this year.

As aforementioned, the AirPower features a custom chip from Apple, also runs a stripped down version of iOS for on-device management and pairing process. Apple’s engineers have ramped up their testing formula in recent months and are using it as their primary charging at the office, though. They all are in work on squashing all bugs in the firmware, too.

The report also hints that during the iPhone X development process, Apple considered removing the wired charging system from the device entirely. Due to slow wireless charging speeds and the additional cost of building a wireless charger with every iPhone unit, the company decided otherwise.

With all of that in mind, it seems Apple is now hoping to introduce the AirPower for sale this coming September with a multitude of Apple engineers using AirPower on a daily basis. When the AirPower charging mat does actually make it to market, consumers will be able to use it to charge iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Apple Watch, and even a new AirPods Charging Case when it’s released.

We can expect the AirPower to ship with features and functionality that go way above and beyond simply being a wireless charging pad that can handle multiple devices at a given time frame. Although it’s rumored to cost around $199, which is very much high for something to charger devices.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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