The Apple iPod is another model into existence now, Doubles iPod touch storage tier to 32GB and 128GB for same Price

The iPod nano and iPod shuffle almost dead now. As Apple discontinued iPod range and no longer lists both on its website. The only iPod Apple now offers up is the iPod touch, that too with additional storage space which has upped to 32GB and 128GB for availability at the same previous cost.

With iPhone 8 expected to land this coming September, and new iPads being launched just last month, the Cupertino-based business is focusing purely on a small amount of attention on iPod by putting iPod shuffle and nano away from existence, also killing off the 16GB and 64GB iPod touch variants.

Apple confirmed that its smallest music players in the lineup have finally been removed from public’s site. Reason behind the eliminations will allow them to focus on the iPod touch, which is the most popular iPod touch. Apple has been receiving a lot of attention for its iPhone and iPad hardware in recent months and years, and has been giving that attention back to the lineups with new, refreshed, and powerful products, but seems to have neglected the music player (iPod) range in the process, which stands changed now; well at least somewhat.

Today, we are simplifying our iPod lineup with two models of iPod touch now with double the capacity starting at just $199 and we are discontinuing the iPod shuffle and iPod nano.

According to Apple spokeperson, to ease the loss of the two iPods, they’ve doubled the iPod touch’s storage from 16GB to 32GB, while keeping the same $200 price-tag alive. Starting with the most aggressive changes made to the iPod range, which sits with iPod shuffle and iPod nano.

First launched in 2005, the iPod nano saw seven different versions throughout its lifetime. From the original elongated body with click wheel, to its squat redesign in 2007, to the iPod shuffle-like clip-on body in 2010, and then its final from resembling a miniature iPhone, the iPod nano transformed with the times. This one has probably been a long time coming with faltering and declining sales, but the company has now taken the decision to entirely remove nano and shuffle from sale.

It has manifested in Apple immediately removing the nano and shuffle product pages from its own website, and will eventually make the move of removing those products from physical retail outlets, too. The iPod shuffle went through many different versions, and designs, though. The original also launched in 2005 and looked like a USB drive, the second-gen model of shuffle added a clip, the third-gen removed all the buttons and pissed everyone off, and the last version was basically a smaller version of the second model.

With the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch now Apple’s bread and butter, there’s just no room left for iPods now. The iPod touch lives another day, but it’s living on borrowed time. It’s time will come, and when it does, that’ll be it for the iPod. For those who don’t need a full iPhone or iPad experience, but still wants one of Apple’s media players without having to pay $500+, it leaves only the iPod touch. Consumers will now only have access to a new $199 32GB option or a $299 128GB option.

Anyone who is looking for an Apple music product will be able to part with $199 for an iPod touch with storage capacity expanded to 32GB, or $299 for 128GB, but anything other than that and they’ll need to invest in something like an iPhone SE.

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