Apple Launches Three New “Switch To iPhone” Videos For Android Users, Watch Them Now

Are you going to do the same? As Apple has uploaded a series of new TV videos aimed at persuading Android users to switch to iPhones, and continues the trend, launched now an additional three videos, which follow the same caption aforementioned. Here are the details you need to know right now.

The “Switch To iPhone” campaign highlights some of the key differences the two platforms, with Apple assuming that owners of Android devices not only know that the grass is very much greener on the other side, but also making them the jump over the fence is pretty easy as could be.

In the world of competition and effectiveness, Apple and Android alongside Samsung is a bit big rivalry. “Life is easier on the iPhone,” says Apple’s website,” in one of its dropped videos and that starts as soon as you turn it on. In the video that Apple previously released, highlighted the iPhone’s capabilities across music, privacy, and photos. In the three videos released today, Apple turns its attention to security, contacts, and performance.

Although Apple has also refreshed its web page. This corner of its website is aimed at giving curious Android users a taste of what they are missing on the iPhone while also making the switch as painless as possible. Apple knows that its biggest market potential is in taking users of competing devices and turning them into iPhone buyers, and whether the likes of Microsoft would admit to the same or not, that essentially means turning people who are carrying Android powered devices into those iOS running device (for iPhones) instead.

Apple CEO Tim Cook claims that it is taking a record number of switches under its wing each quarter, so the above mentioned tagline of Apple’s “Switch from Android to iPhone” web page is accurate or not, it would seem that there are plenty of people willing to buy an iPhone in order to find out whether its for themselves.

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