Apple Pay Cash Now Available In iOS 11.2 Public Beta 2 Download

Apple seems like has introduced Apple Pay Cash in iOS 11.2 and watchOS 4.2, starting today. But the feature is available in iMessage for beta testers in the United States, Apple Pay Cash is included in the new iOS 11.2 public beta that is being provided to those individuals registered on Apple Beta Software Program.

With the latest release out of Cupertino being the immediate availability of iOS 11.2 beta 2 are also seeing Apple Pay Cash appear as an option in the iMessage app. This particular release means that anyone who is involved in the Beta Software Program no longer needs to feel left out from a testing and availability perspective.

Since the beginning of October, Apple employees have been testing Apple Pay Cash in a special version of iOS 11.1 that allowed the feature to be enabled through an internal device certificate. The same testing was also done by the daughter of an employee who leaked iPhone X prior to its launch. The test was initially limited to corporate employees but later expanded to retail employees.

Apple Pay Cash did not end up shipping in iOS 11.1, but it is apparently ready for iOS 11.2. It was originally issued in beta 2 in the first instance to developers with a brand new iPhone X, following that up with a second release earlier this week to support all other compatible 64-bit devices. One thing is definite, those devices had to be owned by someone with developer account privileges to be eligible to install iOS 11.2 beta 2. Apple has now officially pushed out it of testers with the inclusion of public testers.

Apple Pay Cash works through the Messages app and is designed to allow for quick person-to-person money transfer, much like Square Cash or Venmo. For those who actually enrolled in the public testing program, and have a compatible 64-bit iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and of course who have the beta configuration profile installed as well on the device, are able to grab the iOS 11.2 public beta 2 update as an over-the-air update with immediate availability.

While it’s available as a dedicated iMessage app in the built-in iMessage app, with cash transferred through iMessage transactions. From a feature and improvement perspective, iOS 11.2 is much more than a simple point update. Though most Apple Pay Cash coverage has focused on the iPhone, money can also be sent using an Apple Watch.

The biggest inclusions in this release is the availability of Apple Pay Cash beta on compatible iPhones and iPads. This is only now been available for users in the U.S. and specifically those users who have two-factor authentication set up on their iOS device.

How does it work?

Cash can be sent from a linked debit or credit card, while received cash is stored in an Apple Pay Cash card in Wallet that can later be used for purchases or sent to a bank account. Sending cash through a credit card incurs a 3% fee while sending cash from a debit card is free. So you need a compatible credit or debit card to be able to use this new service.

Since Apple Pay Cash beta is live in public beta 2, and the fact that this beta 2 builds is exactly same as developer beta 2 released already. This feature is also available to those developers who installed the developer beta seed. Furthermore, Apple Watch users get to join the Apple Pay cash party too with watchOS 4.2 beta 2. Apple Watch users can send cash directly from the Messages app on the wrist-worn device.

In addition to Apple Pay Cash feature, Apple seems will be using iOS 11.2 to change how Auto-Renewable Subscriptions will work by introducing the capability to offer discounted introductory prices for apps being downloaded by users.

It seems like Apple also been continually looking at and revisiting app monetization and revenue splits over the last 12-18 months and it appears that the availability of the new SKProductDiscount and SKProductSubscriptionsPeriod classes in the iOS SDK is the next leap in that progression. Indeed, the platform also contains a number of improvements additionally, as well as bug fixes, and security enhancements which make it worthy of that iOS 11.2 title.

To use Apple Pay Cash in today’s beta, both people will need to be running the iOS 11.2 public beta. Members of the Apple Beta Software Program can download iOS 11.2 public beta right now from Settings > General > Software Update, or $10 minimum must be loaded onto the Apple Pay Cash card in Wallet, you must turn on the two-factor authentication, and an iPhone 6 or later is required. Apple Pay Cash is limited to the US users at this time.

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