Apple Pay China Gets A Launch Date, France Announcement Set For WWDC 2016

China and France both could about to join the UK, US, Canada, Australia in their Apple Pay usage sooner rather than later. May be this Thursday? With new rumors having French banks already working with Apple while their Chinese counterparts are starting to confirm that Apple Pay mobile payment system will be switched on come February 18th morning.

France to get Apple Pay support in June, as it has been rumored to be set to gain access to Apple’s mobile payment system at this year’s WWDC, but with negotiations still ongoing between Apple and banks, it is unlikely that France will be able to go live with Apple’s contactless payment system at that time. It is also said that France is the country currently be on Apple’s top agenda, it’s likely other European countries will follow suit, with contactless payments already popular on the continent. In fact that should aid in both the setting up of Apple Pay and the early adoption by users.


Fortunately, France Apple fans have to wait a while yet for Apple Pay, but those in China may only have to wait until this Thursday if both rumors and semi-confirmations by banks are to be authentic. Apple Pay support in China has although been promised for 2016, but a timescale has been go live on Feb. 18 at 5:00 local time via the company’s official WeChat support avenue, according to the reports from China Guangfa Bank, confirming that Apple Pay will go live in China on the given date and time. It also suggests Apple Pay may be about to make the leap across to China very soon, indeed.

Hello, the Apple company, China UnionPay jointly confirmed, Apple Pay service will be held February 18 at 5:00 formally launched. In case the card can not be loaded Please try again later, iPhone / iPad system needs OS9.2 above, Apple Watch OS2.1…

As per the code found in iOS 9.2, China’s Interac bank may also be gearing up for Apple Pay support with UnionPay support already confirmed. A screenshot spotted on Twitter today appears to show a reference to Interac’s payment netwirk, which of course, doesn’t mean an announcement is imminent.


(Source: iGeneration [Google Translate], cnBETA [Google Translate] | Via: 9to5Mac)

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