Apple Pay In Ireland Launched, Rollout Continues To Italy Soon

Using Apple Pay on devices like iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac users in Ireland can now take advantage of the popular online mobile payment solution from Apple platform, that currently exists, and the Cupertino-based giant has recently been hard at work with getting the service expanded to as many countries as possible. Had officially launched Apple Pay in Ireland, and a new sighting indicates that the contactless payment system is now on its way to the land of Italy.

The Italian version of the official Apple website now features a page that’s dedicated to Apple Pay, and it mostly just explains what the service is and how it works, it’s a sure sign that it’ll soon be available within the coming days or weeks. However, there’s no mention of exactly when Apple Pay will hit the Italy shelves, but again the new page appeared on the Apple website does reveal that Boon, UniCredit, and Carrefour will be the first financial institutions to support the new platform with bot Visa and MasterCard onboard as well.

Coming back to the Apple Pay Ireland news report. Not all banks in the country are on board though, with one notable exception being AIB. The bank that confirmed it is in discussions with Apple with a view to supporting Apple Pay in the near future, but also said that there is “nothing to announce at this time”.

Well, the good news is that for customers of Ulster Bank and KBC is the pair are live already, meaning their users can now follow the standard Apple pay set up process and get spending right away. This accounts to heading to the Wallet app on an iPhone, selecting the option to ‘Add a card’ before scanning said card with the iPhone’s camera.

Following authentication via a phone call or SMS, everything should be up and running.


Complete list of supported retail outlets can be seen in the image below.


As aforementioned, this is to those Apple fans in Italy can also rejoice today after the company updated its Italian Apple Pay web page to confirm that the country is all ready to catch the Apple Pay train “soon”.


Both Italy and Ireland are late to join the Apple Pay revolution, and to those who waiting will be scant consolation to those whose banks still do not support the Apple’s inter-payment method.

With Apple Pay rolled out in Ireland, has it was been supported for contactless payment system in a total of 15 countries, including United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, Canada, Switzerland, Japan via FeliCa, France, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia, Singapore, and Spain. Meanwhile Apple Pay has also gotten regulatory approval in Taiwan.

Note: While Apple Pay is launching in Ireland and Italy, Samsung Pay will also be expanding its reach to over Sweden. This sort of expansion is great to see, and hopefully the rush to get mobile payment services out to as many countries as possible is a trend that continues all over entirety of 2017.

Update x1: In order to use Apple Pay which requires iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, or any Apple Watch, with all devices using their built-in NFC chips to make payments at stores that accept payments via contactless means.

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