Apple Pay Survey Reveals Users Facing Problems At Checkout

Talking about the mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc, which lets users make payments using Apple Pay through the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch-compatible devices with an ease, but according to the survey conducted by Phoenix Marketing Internation, it shows that two third of Apple Pay users experiencing issues using the system at checkout. Apple Pay users encountered difficulties, which are out of the 3,000 surveyed with an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, 66% are using the Apple’s digital wallet. Half of them reported that many locations, despite being listed as an Apple Pay partner aren’t ready to accept the payments made with the payment system, after all.

Regarding Apple Pay’s problemitic resolution, 48% were dissatisfied with the time it took to process a transaction and described it as too long. However, in some cases, the transactions in fact ran twice or were just outright incorrect. Finally, 42 percent of the surveyed shared that more often than not cashiers weren’t familiar with the Apple Pay system, though.

Bloomberg report points that out in a seperate survey done by Citi Research who confirms the complaints altogether. Part of this reason for the issues are in the shop’s which lack iPhone 6 supported NFC point-of-sale terminals.

Upgrade is needed in the U.S., as retailer will have to put a step ahead to do so with their non-NFC terminals to new ones, which imminently supports the wireless standard by October as per a new regulation.


In spite of such problems, Apple Pay usage increases to the growth of iOS 8 adoption and Bank of America alone boasts over 1.1 million cards that are used by Apple Pay itself.

What do you think about Apple Pay?

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