Apple Plans March Apple Watch 2016 And Possible 4-Inch iPhone 6c Event

Currently it seems like Apple is planning for a March 2016 event to unveil the second-generation Apple Watch, possibility there would also see the launch of the highly-anticipated 4-inch iPhone 6c. Set to be the big announcements, where Apple held a media event during the same timeframe this year, with the Apple Watch being shown off in more concrete form for the first time and introduced 12-inch MacBook.

Good nnews for everyone anxiously awaiting the next-generation Apple Watch and some potentially great news for anyone who wants a cheaper, smaller version of the iPhone. If Apple does announce a new Apple Watch in March, then it will see the device receive its first annual update. Sources speaking to 9to5Mac claim that 2016 will see a smaller release cadence, with the Apple Watch 2 announced in March but then going on a sale a month later, likely, with a little shipping chaos than 2015’s launch.

What’s still unknown at the moment is what the next Apple Watch will be capable of, though previous reports surfaced suggesting that Apple is hard at work on the hardware before the current Apple Watch even went on sale. Gurman says it’s possible that the new watch will include “new camera, wireless, sleep tracking, and health sensor technologies,” but not confirmed yet.

Previous reports to say some includes the iPhone 6c will feature a four-inch display like the iPhone 5c of 2013, but that it will also sport a metal build design and not a plastic material. Keeping the 4-inch screen of the existing ‘c’ designated device, the iPhone 6c will likely be available in a range of colors wrapped in a metal body.

It does stem some parts of iPhone 6s for the iPhone 6c, which would suggest that Apple is keen to continue offering a 4-inch hardware without having it use old technology under the heart. Now that the iPhone 6c looks set to offer a significant performance boost with A9 CPU, along with support NFC for Apple Pay, should it be announced as expected in March.

If Apple really planning to use the month of March to announce a new iPhone and Apple Watch, it could be a sign that the company is setting in a pattern of Apple Smartwatch announcement in the first half of the year, with iPad and iPhone coming in second. Indeed, add WWDC to the mix somewhere in the middle, and Apple’s 2016 is starting to look pretty busy already.

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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