Apple Plans To Ditch 3.5mm Headphone Jack For A Thinner iPhone 7, Lightning-Based EarPods

The whole story belongs to the next iPhone and in conjunction which Apple has reduced the thickness of its iPhones over the years, now the 3.5mm headphone port has become almost as thick as the phone itself. Many people think about happenings and wondering is Apple is capable of reducing the iPhone’s thickness any further without removing that headphone port, so this new report carries that Apple is considering doing exactly that.

In favor of Lightning-Based EarPods, Legacy 3.5mm Headphone Jack Being Tossed
Reports from citing sources proven reliable in the past, and todays are not different, suggesting the Apple has their plans to remove the standard headphone jack from the iPhone 7 completely, allowing the entire device to shink by around 1mm from 3.5mm. With the iPhone 6 already very thin indeed, the thinking of reducing that by another millimeter intrigues us and even worries us a tad.

Thickness is what we are talking about. Does the iPhone really need to shed any more slimness? Purportedly in the place of 3.5mm port, Apple will rely on headphone vendors produce adapters that will allow traditional headphones to be connected over the iPhone’s Lightning connector or simply making wired-headphones with Lightning connectors right out the gate. It seems somewhat already heard of in the long, long past. Current iPhone however support such a thing, though manufacturers have been slow to make headphones with that particular connector at the end of their cable.

Continued with the Apple saying, to have a pair of its own new EarPods that connect via Lightning and that’ll ship with the all-new iPhones, though, especially for those that like to use very specific earphones or headphones with their smartphones.

Decision to remove the 3.5mm port from the iPhone 7 will no doubt prove a controversial one. Nobody wants to have to buy new accessories because Apple has dropped a port from its new iPhones, and this idea of an adapter isn’t necessarily a better option either. If it’s the matter and Apple really making it with its furture iPhone 7, we’ll be witnessing it in 2016 and that’s for sure.

Currently we have no idea on what Apple has in mind for the iPhone 7, but a reduction in thickness and the nixing of the entire 3.5mm port lok like they may be two boxes we can tick off a little earlier than usual. Stay tuned with us, and you could get more news regarding its particulars very soon, when it becomes eligible.

(Source: Macotakara)

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