Apple Plans To Debut Universal Apps Across iOS, macOS in 2018 [Reports]

It seems like Apple working hard on getting iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 ready to be debuted during WWDC 2018. The internal Apple project, codenamed Marzipan, is not yet a done deal, though. A new report surfaced claiming that Apple seeks to make it possible for app developers to public apps that work on both mobile iOS devices and Mac computers.

Writing for Bloomberg, a well-connected Mark Gurman reports that Apple is planning to fix the Mac App Store’s engagement problem by allowing developers to release apps that are cross-platform in nature.


Currently, separate apps must be developed for iOS and as well as macOS, and, with a smaller install base, the Mac App Store is not as robust as that of the iPhone. The App Store got its debut on the iPhone back in 2008, and on the Mac, more recently in 2011. Six years later, the adoption of the Mac App Store is nowhere near the level that Apple would likely have expected, and this is the reason for a rethink within the company.

Starting next year, Gurman says. Apple will eventually allow developers to launch apps that work on both iOS and macOS as part of a single release.

Right now, as aforementioned, developers must create two versions of any apps that are compatible with both Mac and iOS devices. With a new project hands-on, reportedly code-named “Marzipan” internally, would allow for designing and developing apps that could be used with either a touchscreen or a mouse and published to both platforms.

Codenamed “Marzipan”, a project to make apps cross-platform likely starting with the announcement at WWDC and a launch as part of iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 later in the year. Depending on how Apple approaches this project, it could reduce the workload on developers who want their software to be usable across the Apple ecosystem while bolstering the Mac App Store with a library of apps, largely.

The project to make apps cross-platform is expected to take multiple years but will start in 2018. The idea behind this is nothing new, with Microsoft has already taken a similar step with Windows apps with somewhat success.

As per Gurman, it is unclear whether the Mac App Store and iOS App Store will merge as part of the initiative. But again, this would potentially push Apple in a situation many have expected for years – the creation of a desktop and mobile operating system to replace macOS and iOS completely. Stay tuned for more!

(Source: Bloomberg)

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