Apple Proposes New Emojis For People With Disabilities That Includes Guide Dogs, Limbs, More

Apple has just submitted another round of emoji characters to the Unicode Consortium, which is proposed to people with disabilities which the company is aiming to include even more options for Apple device owners in the coming months.

The iPhone maker offered up 13 new emoji designs for review, which include more experiences for people with disabilities. Apple submitted its formal request to Unicode, the consortium that governs the standard that includes emojis.

This time around, as first discovered by Emojipedia, iPhone maker is learning into accessibility emoji, is including nine new options. That includes a hearing aid, prosthetic limbs, guide dogs, sign language, and more.

“New emojis proposed include a guide dog, hearing aid, prosthetic limbs, as well as people using canes and different types of wheelchairs.”

The new symbols feature men and women walking with a cane and touching their ear, as well as standalone icons of a hearing aid and prosthetic arm.

Apple’s goal here is, according to Apple’s own opening remarks in its submission to the Unicode Consortium, is certainly an effort to “better represent individuals with disabilities”. Apple also states that this is just an “initial starting point” in these efforts, which suggests the iPhone maker is still hard at work including even more options in the future.

The Cupertino-based company has been making a big push to ensure that its devices are accessible for all users. Apple’s iPhones, Macs and other devices include plenty of features that let people with vision, hearing and other impairments more easily use those devices.

In Apple’s own words:

“Apple is requesting the addition of emoji to better represent individuals with disabilities. Currently, emoji provide a wide range of options, but may not represent the experiences of those with disabilities. Diversifying the options available helps fill a significant gap and provides a more inclusive experience for all.”

There is still no official word on when these new emoji will be approved or even if they will be at all. If they do, it will take some more time before they are added in any official Software Updates from Apple. Finally, the iPhone maker is said to be launching over 100 new emojis this year, but these new accessibility options won’t be part of that mix.

You can read the full PDF proposal here.

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