Apple Releases iOS 10.2 Beta 4 Download To Developers

iOS 10.2 beta 4 is now available to download and install on compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

As usual though, this fourth pre-release seed of iOS 10.2 is only available to those who are registered and enrolled members of the Apple Developer Program. The release comes just after the company first introduced iOS 10.2 to the development community and public testers.


Here’s what we already know from the progression of iOS 10.2 previous revision of the firmware, Apple has actually introduced some relatively new, notable changes. For instance to look forward to, the recently introduced TV app, which first made an appearance at Apple’s recent “Hello again” event, is now not only available in iOS 10.2, but has also replaced the native Videos app.

On the subject of the new TV app, iOS 10.2 also introduces dedicated set of configurable options within the native iOS Settings for the TV app, those includes the ability to configure whether or not cellular data should be used for media playback, as well as defining the quality of purchases and rentals from one area.

For those sending emotive and dynamic communications regularly from within the new iOS 10 Messages app can also expect to find two brand new full-screen effects in the form of “Love” and “Celebrate”, as well as new and updated Unicode 9 emojis.


Nevertheless, Apple has brought back the Feedback app that allows those testing the platform to instantly give feedback to the company’s engineers about potential apears of concern or problems.

Residents of India also gets the access to an excellent, and super helpful, Emergency SOS feature that has clearly been added as part of the country’s new legislation that requires all devices sold in the country to have a dedicated panic button feature.

Merge into the platform and see if you can find any other changes in today’s beta 4 release, and we will be bringing back the updates info to you as soon as they become apparent.

Anyone with an iOS beta configuration profile installed is able to grab the latest available pre-release seed as an over-the-air update by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update to force the iOS 10.2 beta 4 update through to the device.

UPDTAE X1: Apple has also made iOS 10.2 Public Beta 4 available to download as well.

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