Apple’s macOS 10.13.3 Beta 1 Rolling Out To Developers, What’s Changed?

Apple has released for download macOS 10.13.3 beta 1 to those members registered on Apple Developer Program. This release comes a week after releasing macOS 10.13.2 to the public. This is a new beta release Apple made it available to developers.

With the first beta of macOS 10.13.3 released for download now. The third major update for macOS 10.13, the new beta 1 will likely go through multiple iterations before it is ready for the prime time release.

Developers interested in installing the latest bets for app development purposes, can download the new update via the Apple Developer Center or the Software Update section of the Mac App Store.

The initial release notes for the new beta update do no mention what has changed, at least when downloading via the Mac App Store. But Apple does say that the beta is “recommended for all Apple developers.” The update includes bug and security fixes, with new APIs also potentially made available to developers as well.

However, the release of 10.13.2 saw Apple macOS focus solely on both security fixes and performance enhancements. While there were no obvious feature improvements in the release, long time Apple fans will apparently have been pleased to see a new release that focuses on plugging some of the holes that macOS has introduced of late.

It will take some time before macOS 10.13.3 transitions from beta release to public consumption. We will keep an eye on every single release of beta and on what the company adds as part of that. Here is to hoping more and more fixes make macOS into the stable powerhouse that we know it used to. With iOS receiving so much of attention over the past ten years, many would suggest it is high time macOS had Apple’s full interaction.

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