Apple Releases Funny New ‘Memory’ iPhone X Ad Promoting Face ID

Apple has today released a new iPhone X ad titled “Memory” that’s highlighting Face ID. The iPhone X – Memory ad shows how Face ID became the best alternative to Touch ID which has a funny undertone to it. The 1 minute 39 seconds ad shows everything that you all iPhone and iPad fans must watch in real-time.

The teaser ad starts with a gameshow-esque setup, as the host asking the contestant the final question which is to remember the online banking password they created this morning.

After all, it is a password, the contestant struggles to remember that before he takes out his iPhone X and logs into the banking site after verifying his identity using Face ID. Apart from using face ID for unlocking the phone, the authentication can also be used on the iPhone X to logging into third-party apps and services.

What exactly this all means is that “Remembering your password doesn’t have to feel like a memory challenge. With Face ID on iPhone X, your face is your password.” In other ways, there is no better face recognition system on any other smartphone to compete with Apple’s Face ID. If you bet!

This is not the first time Apple teased with ads highlighting Face ID on the iPhone X. Other ads surrounding the handset have highlighted Animoji, Apple Pay, and its camera performance, that made many alternative smartphones into competition and comparison.

This is it! Do you think Face ID on the iPhone X is the best? Well, if not, what improvements will you suggest Apple make in its next generation 2018 iPhones?

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