Apple Reportedly Acquires An AI-Based Face Recognition Startup

At WWDC 2017, Apple announced a new facial recognition system last month, which Apple exploring it for sign-ins might just have some merit now. New claims suggesting that reportedly Apple has acquired RealFace, an Israeli startup that developed deep learning-based face authentication technology. Here are the details we learn so far.


If the report is true, then the RealFace deal could hint at hands-free authentication for your iPhone. In fact, the terms of the deal aren’t made public, but it’s likely estimated at “several million dollars,” according to Calcalist reports.

There’s no official comment by Apple on the reported deal and will let you know as soon as we get any information. However, RealFace recently took its website down and left nothing but a skeleton server behind.

It’s no strange that Apple buying companies with some form of facial recognition tech, a focus on authentication would be both new and logical in this case. If Apple really wants to reduce its dependence on fingerprint readers for password, or Touch ID-free iPhone logins, it needs a face detection system that will quickly and consistently sign you in across most situations, not just ideal conditions.

RealFace’s AI technology is supposed to be highly accurate, so it might not be as fabcy or easily duped as some implementations by means of. Tel Aviv-based RealFace launched back in 2014 and its first product was an app called Pickeez, which selected a user’s best photos from various platforms using its RealFace recognition software.

Apple although took the chance to a certain extent using iOS 10’s facial-recognition software for photos. But the rumors indicate Cupertino-based company could be looking to add facial recognition as an authentication tool, which could be set for the rumored iPhone 8, embedded iris scanner that would let you unlock the phone by looking at it and another report speculates that the new iPhone will include tech like RealFace’s as an alternative to current Touch ID fingerprint scanner authentication system.

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