Apple Reveals The Most Popular Emojis Used On iPhones And Macs

Before that here is most popular emoji character used by most of the people in the United States, it’s the ‘Face with Tears of Joy’. It is one among the English speakers around the world.

If you’re like most users that describe everyday emotions through these little icons, then the “face with tears of joy” emoji is up there. According to Apple, that emoji describes somewhat between laughing and sobbing – is the most popular of all.

And #1 Makes Total Sense

No wonder, considering you can apply the face to all types of situations. Someone says something snarky? Car breaks down? Accidentally slipped into the water or durt? Why not just have a good laugh/cry at the same time. The “face with tears of joy” sums up all the emotions into one mixed feeling.

Notable smileys include rolling on the floor laughing, darling face, skull, smiling face with smiling eyes, weary face, and thinking face. Most of us who use emoji can view the most used icons on that particular device which gives an immediate insight into the most used emoji on our world, and all the aforementioned are what about the United States use as a collective.

Runners-up include the heart, followed by the “loudly crying face,” then the “smiling face with heart-shaped eyes” and the “face following a kiss.” The results were found through anonymously surveying emoji use among English-speaking iOS and macOS users in the United States.

The Cupertino-based company has published a relatively small report titled “Differential Privacy” which actually talked about how Apple uses insights and data to improve and create systems and experiences whilst preserving the privacy and security of the user.

As said, the most popular emoji in the United States amongst US English speakers is the “Face With Tears Of Joy,” which many people use to express the fact that they are extremely happy or expressing joy and delight. It appears to also be used in communications on iOS devices a lot more than all other emoji, including the second most used icon, the famous love heart.

Apple's tp 10 emoji caharcters in USA

An emoji expert – Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia – suggests that Apple’s ranking of emojis is fairly accurate when compared with their own data. Skull emoji is ranked at 7 in the list, as Apple places it, while the publicly available data ut it down around 20th social media users, which potentially suggests that private communications see the Skull used more frequently.

A group of shiny, new emoji characters were recently unveiled and added 70+ into its latest iOS 11 firmware, everything from a steak to a t-rex to an orange heart, and a much-needed hedgehog. We have to wait and see how popular.

All very interesting stuff, and if you do use emoji frequently then you should know that likely contribute to those statistics. Apple hopes to also improve user experience through data such as this, which will literally provide insight as to which emojis might work the best in the future.

(Via: MacRumors, Source: Apple)

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