Apple Seeds iOS 9.3 Beta 3 With Verizon Wi-Fi Calling For iPhone And iPad

Apple has on Monday made iOS 9.3 beta 3 download available for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices to those members registered in the company’s Developer Program.

The latest iOS 9.3 preview brings with it new features and represents Apple’s third release of iOS 9.3 and follows on from the original pre-release version that was initially introduced at the begenning of the year. However, you might expect from a third beta of a pre-release version of iOS, beta 3 doesn’t actually introduce any wholesale changes to the iOS experience that users already seen with the previous two versions.

In order to improve the overall stability and experience of the platform across all compatible iOS hardware, Apple has most likely done a lot of the work feature in particular release behind the scenes. Beta 3 of iOS 9.3 also likely gets a security element to the update and generic bug fixes and improvements that make it into any iOS update.

Quick look at what’s new in the iOS 9.3 beta 3. Now Apple’s seed shows that it has made a very minor user-facing changes with beta 3. Higlights the fact that the release “contains bug fixes and improvements”, but it also seems as though the flagship Night Shift feature has also been slightly tweaked when accessing it via Control Center. Found a small fix for the icon issues which were experienced in Control Center when in landscape mode. With added support for Wi-Fi Calling for Verizon users and more, the third beta of iOS 9.3 brings lot more to the pre-release.

Twitter users are reporting that today’s beta of iOS 9.3 enables Wi-Fi calling capability on the Verizon network, while at same time providing a carrier update to T-Mobile users to solve the problem which prevented apps from loading over a cellular connection.

The new release of iOS 9.3 beta has a build number 13E5200d and arrived approximately two weeks following beta 2 and a full month since the original iOS 9.3 beta was seeded to developers. Beta 2 of iOS 9.3 has removed the useless Set Wallpaper option from the 3D Touch support menu for the Settings app, by including a new Add Playlist Songs to My Music switch in Settings -> Menu, brings new 3D Touch shortcuts for the Stock Tips app and alos refreshed the companion Watch app so that it shows your current watch face.

This paricular release continues Apple’s dedication to getting iOS 9.3 into the hands of the public, around the planned media event next month. iOS 9.3 introduced the fabulous Night Shift mode that allow the color temperature of the display to be altered at different times of the day and according to Apple’s official changelog, it also introduced a number of changes around the native Notes app and how notes can be accessed through Touch ID. Users also gain some additional 3D Touch support in the form of additional Quick Action shortcuts on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. For a full list of all the minor new features in iOS 9.3, check out our post here.

Of course, an all-new Activity section in the Health app, New/For You sections and a Nearby feature in CarPlay’s Music app and other refinements.

Registered developers can access the latest iOS 9.3 beta through the usual Software Update mechanism via the native Settings app directly on the device, or through direct download from the company’s Developer portal. Experience other features and enhancemnents that will be enabled by iOS 9.3 include more presonalized Apple News recommendations etc.


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