Apple Store In Singapore Will Run Completely On Solar Power

First to point out is Apple has upped its retail store game once again. Just after opening two stores in the UAE, the Mac maker has now confirmed that it will evidently have plans in opening its official Apple retail outlet in Singapore. Apple will once again push the boundaries in the fantasy city by integrating solar panels that will provide he operation with 100-percent renewable energy source, which only needs sunlight to charge and certainly the best way to store electricity and useful in sort of actions.

Finally, the Cupertino-based company is heading towards confirming the placement to open its first Apple Store in Singapore, but its not it and we know a little bit about the project at the moment. Right now, Apple is keeping all the information regarding location and opening dates a relatively close-guarded secret, but nevertheless we does uncover that the iOS-firm has entered into the partnership with solar energy developer Sunseap Group for the provision of 100% renewable electricity which will see the store go down a green lantern route when officially opened.

First Apple Store In Singapore Powered By Solar Energy
The collaboration between Apple and Sunseap Group will make Apple the foremost in the region to run a store exculsively on a renewable energy source of solar. Generally the case in most of the locations around the world that utilizes this type of technology, it’s rarely 100-percent solution, and is more often than not supplimented with additional, standard energy provision that taps into the power grid. Currently, the group has solar panels installed on more than 800 building tops across the Singaporean skyline, but Apple will be financing the project allowing Sunseap to finish it on time.

Although the partnership in Singapore is the the latest Apple’s plans to become a more “green” company worldwide. In October 2015 the company announced an initiative that would result in various projects being undertaken throughout China with the intention of producing more than 200 megawatts of renewable energy sources. In addition to that the announcement, Tim Cook’s firm had already made a commitment to purchase power from California solar farm to pump renewable power into its new “spaceship” campus when it entirely nears completion.

Soon we will have more information about the new Singapore store, including where it will actually be located and when it will open. Stay tuned so that we can bring that info to you.

(Source: Reuters) (Via)

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