Personal Pickup Option Coming Soon To International Apple Stores Outside The U.S.

Good news for those living in Australia, the UK, France and an unknown collection of other countries because new reports suggests that Apple might soon be launching its Personal Pickup program outside the United States for the first time, getting close as soon as this month.

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What is Personal Pickup? It is in the current form in the United States, allowing customers to place orders for items such as iPads, Macs and iPhones online and later pick the item up at retail Apple Store an hour after. Many of Apple’s international markets offer this option to reserve in-store stock, but in that case the actual purchase process has to be completed in-person as well.

Personal Pickup first debuted in 2011, which also made United States people very useful who really want their device in the shortest amount of time possible, and/or don’t want their gadget delivered to a regular address. This has the added benefit of not having to sit at home waiting for a delivery to arrive, but also with the choice on configure and color options already taken care of before setting foot in a store.

Once an order is ready, Apple sends the buyer an email or SMS alert telling them to head over to the stores they’re close to during the purchase process. At that point a shopper is simply expected to present a photo ID to confirm their identity.

In fact which was only available as a choice in the United States, Apple Store now bringing the similar Personal Pickup option to more regions. It’s said that to be getting its retail employees up to speed in preparation of an international launch of Personal Pickup, with a launch time-frame possibly set to coincide with the launch of the iPad Pro next week.

Personal Pickup Option coming soon to international market this Christmas
But wait, Apple hasn’t confirmed its plans as yet, again according to the report, it’s possible it could decide to shelve plans for the program’s launch until next year, presumably in order to enable stores to launch the program without a spotlight and anticipated demand of both a new product launch and a likely busy Christmas period. So we can only hope Personal Pickup launches in global markets as soon as possible!

What you might have expected for Apple to get ready for an Personal Pickup international launch? Those outside the United States will be able to take advantage of it this side of Christmas.

(Source: MacRumors)

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