Apple TV 4 Reportedly Not Coming With 4K Video Streaming Support

Rumors have begun making rounds on the web after the recent Apple TV price reduction to $69, followed by yet another one to get a second, high-end device. Hot on the heals is that Apple talking to launch a subscription TV offering alongside iTunes, with the new Apple TV is said to be a part of those deals.

Unfortunately, it had wondered whether the new Apple TV 4 would feature 4K capabilities and be as part of those plans, alongside improvements in processing power as well as internal storage. Now that it appears the 4K part of the rumor mill may have been declined after sources were reported to have told BuzzFeed that 4K streaming isn’t on the cards this time around.

BuzzFeed believes that 4K isn’t yet a requirement for the next Apple TV given the lack of content available. Netflix on the other hand does currently offer content streaming in 4K resolution, but the selection is a little waxen to say at least. Apple may be holding back until a larger library of content is made available, including on its own iTunes Store.

If 4K support won’t be arriving with this new generation, the highly-anticipated subscription service would play the biggest story of thos generation if it was to come to a completion. A claimed $30-$40 per-month streaming service on subscription could prove popular amongst cable cutters. With support said to run to around 25 channels including heavy hitters like ABC, FOX and CBS apparently lined-up, things could indeed be interesting if everything turns out to be true and accurate.


Source => Apple TV 4 Won’t support 4K video streaming

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